Thursday, November 09, 2006

Are Mac Users Liberals?

I own an iMac, but also have PC for work.  I'm a programmer.  I've used supported, and deployed Windows application for years, but in 2002 I felt like I needed something aesthetically appealing, hence, my iMac G4, as well as something different, hence, OS X.  My next computer will be a 24" iMac.

My politics can be described as leftist, progressive, and very liberal.  I voted for Nader in 2004, and voted for the Natural Law Party in 2000.  I didn't vote the other day because I am registered to vote in Inwood (northwest Manhattan), although I now reside in Murray Hill (Midtown East).  Regardless, it didn't matter since I knew that the Democrats would take almost everything in New York.

As for Mac users leaning left, it is likely some degree true when you consider the demographic of a Mac user, educated and moderately affluent.  Also the creatives seem to be urban animals, and large cities are the hubs of liberal politics.

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