Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Structure Creates the Response

I sometimes use tools to analyze my websites, two non-technical tools in particular are TypeAnalyzer and GenderAnalyzer.  TypeAnalyzer returns the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) classification, while GenderAnalyzer returns the gender.  The more interesting of the two is the MBTI classification; I am not surprised that my written presence is easily discerned as male.  From what I understand, most persons' FaceBook posts are easily classified.

My usual, as in almost always, MBTI classification is INTJ, so I found it interesting when my social sites, Twitter and FaceBook, showed me to be ISTJ.  A little surprised, I tried a few other of my sites, LinkedIn and Google+, which both were classified as INTJ.  From there, I just kept going:

ISTJ:  TwitterFaceBook
INTJ: Google+, LinkedIn, Algorithms
INTP: Interiors, Foxes and Hedgehogs
ISFP: GoodReads
ESTJ: Amazon (my reviews)
ESTP: LifeHacker

Although it is conceivable that my social presence changes to fit the site, I intuit that the structures of the sites lend themselves to particular interaction styles, at least from me.

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