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Unspeakable Conversations

In 2003, the NY Times Magazine ran an article, Unspeakable Conversation, an examination of an argument focusing on two people, one Princeton philosophy professor Peter Seeger, and one disability advocate, Harriet Johnson, who recently passed away. Seeger is a proponent of the idea that society needs to allow euthanisa of the disabled and/or severaly handicapped. Below, are some of my comments - I was unable to recover the full text of my posts - I made in the NY times forum linked to the article:

'Unspeakable Conversations' #313 - igoeja 8:56 PM ET February 16, 2003

One Overwhelming Sentiment:


Unlike many, maybe most, threads hosted by the NY Times, the overwhelming response in this forum has been profound agreement and support.

It brings tears to my eyes.

'Unspeakable Conversations' #243 - igoeja 12:07 PM ET February 16, 2003

A Reflection on our Reflection

Are we a humane society, or one that rids itself of its weak?

The odius political and social agenda which th…