Saturday, March 09, 2013

On The Proliferation of Email Accounts

A friend got a kick out of this, so I will share...:


Wowsa, do you know you have 4 different email addresses James?!


Apologies for the proliferation of accounts, but only four?

For GMail I have three, one primary, one for managing my mother's affairs - she is in long-term care - and one that I just created fror future use as self-promotion.

For Outlook/Hotmail and for Yahoo, I have two each, although one Yahoo account comes with domain ownership.

Then there is another domain I own, and that comes with its own address.

Lastly, there are My mac accounts. I actually have three, one of which is our married account, but Apple's domain changes triple that; the domains are,, and, meaning 9 Mac accounts.

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