Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Response to The Compromises of City Living

If it’s a condo in Manhattan, you pay about $1000 per square foot, but employers in Manhattan are often financials and they pay six figure salaries, so the cost is balanced against the income.

Some outlying areas have charms, and lower costs, but one of the biggest benefits is the short commute. I walk 30 minutes to work most days, and in prior positions I took the subway; I’m glad not to own a car, and we rent a car when we need to travel. Our carbon footprint is also smaller, and this dovetails with my long-standing environmental concerns.

Although life can be less expensive in outliers, that comes at a loss of convenience, and a longer commute. Additionally, our current building has services that we appreciate, doormen, groundskeepers – we overlook a block-sized inner courtyard – mailroom, and maintenance staff. We regularly avail ourselves of incomparable restaurants around New York, as well as film/movies that play first in Manhattan.

Compromise is a double-edged sword. To paraphrase, one person’s compromise is another person’s benefit.
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