Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is Your Religion Your Financial Destiny?

There are comments posted in response to a NY Times article correlating religion with educational and economic attainment.


Some of the correlation is related to immigration policy, in that many people are in this country partially because of the preference for educated labor, hence Hindu's and Buddhists high education level.  It likely also explains the high showing for Orthodox Christians, and even to some degree, Jews.  As a personal note, I work in technology, where much of the staff is foreign-born, hence large numbers of Indians (Hindu), Eastern Europeans and Russians (Christian Orthodox/Jewish/Secular), or East Asian (Secular/Buddhist).

Besides, there has always been a fairly strong inverse correlation between education/intelligence and religiosity, and particularly fundamentalism, and in this case, American Protestant Fundamentalism.


As for the lower-income, higher-education relationship, again, it is based on immigration policy, such that educated immigrants are paid less for the same level of education, and this may be related to a whole slew of factors. At a minimum, there are barriers to non-native English speakers and the ability to rise higher in organizations. My perception is that management is often composed of highly-educated native Americans, while staff is more often composed of highly-educated immigrants.

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