Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hunter S. Thompson Would No Longer Recognize San Francisco

Responding to the NYT article Hunter S. Thompson Would No Longer Recognize San Francisco:

Not that NYC ever had a heart, other than for business, although it has been a cultural center, but fighting each other does not win this 'war'. On some level, I would be part of the barbarian invasion, in that I work for financial firms using technology, have a high income, and am relatively immune to the invasion of the 'plutocrats'. I work for them.

That said, the problem is not so much an us against them, but as us against an electorate that has allowed money to gain disordinate power, to control and ruin the lives of most people. San Francisco might be the poster child for this inequality, but it is happening everywhere.

Bernie Sanders is a step in the right direction; I don't wholly agree with him, but we need something more. Our country needs to move in a better direction, one in which people's lives matter, where a higher quality of life matters, where our lives are not directed by the interests of marketers and the wealthy.
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