Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Problem: Career Women or Traditional Society

Societies that are more gender neutral tend to have better social outcomes for their participants, but the US was never one for equality, and certainly not since the religious right and the corporate plutocracy has taken hold.

I guess, the issue of men out-earning women is more likely a problem for a traditional couple, and the problem might be more related to women's independence than any problems caused by income disparities. I'm getting married in the next couple of months - we're both first time married in our mid-forties - and although I earn twice as much as my partner, she is more educated than I, we met when I was unemployed and making zilch. For myself, and I'm sure I have the material to argue for the improvement in one's quality of life (sexual satisfaction, income, etc) deriving from relationships with career women, a woman with a career seems a boon.

Anyway, the question I would pose, which seems to escape most, is to ask whether the problem is caused by a woman having a career or because it conflicts with traditional society.

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