Friday, September 21, 2012

We Are All the 47%...

Although I decry Romney's sentiment, the truth is that we are all dependent on government. Government is good for people. The modern capitalist-democratic state would be a failure if not for the state preventing or correcting its abuses, although nowadays the government is often an abettor of corruption.

Certainly Wall Street could not have survived without the government, nor would there be much health care, since no one would have insurance, nor could people afford health care, nor would there be many 'cures' since that would have required research, which the government typically funds. Nix the educational system and what do you have? The list becomes even longer when you start considering in investments in infrastructure - anyone remember roads, bridges, and the internet? - and on regulation that everything relies.

A Response to Temerity at the Top

Regarding a post from David Brooks:

Economic growth is treated as an unquestioned good, when in fact, it has almost no correlation with human welfare in DEVELOPED countries. It is different for the DEVELOPING world, since in those growth has a very high degree of interplay with human welfare.

Growth basically goes to support the portfolios of the wealthy, correlates with an increase in hours worked on the average, and has very little benefit to most people in the US.

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