Thursday, December 21, 2006

Recent Education Recommendations 

Countries that do a good job of educating everyone to a high level by the end of high school typically delay education until after five, or delay regimentation until middle school.  The idea that we should start and end education earlier would simply allow corporations to have more people to use as productive capacity, while providing little in the way of rewards to citizens.  Although you can push young children to perform by throwing time and money at them, there is little relationship, at least in the US, with 12th grade outcomes.  I'd venture that the more you push them when they’re young, the less they'll do when they’re older.

Life isn't about working - obviously a value judgement - nor is education necessarily about acquiring skills for work.  Most children might enjoy playing a bit more, and in the process might wind up better educated.  Some adults, most even, might want to enjoy their lives a bit more, rather than getting on the work treadmill sooner, as well as develop knowledge of a less than commercial nature.

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