Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Response to Starving the Future (NY Times)

In response to an article on the growth of China and India regarding education:

The debate is often framed as a business choice; it is a quality of life and equality choice. 

Many of the choices for a better America are obvious, but the people making the decisions are often the same people that benefit from the 'broken' system:

  • Reduce inequality (taxation, change laws that favor the powerful and wealthy)
  • Increase education, making it independent of financing
  • Provide nationalized healthcare
  • Rein in the healthcare industry
  • Rein in corporate power over government and politics
  • Reducing inequality goes a long way. Often, suggested solutions for problems are merely band-aids, since the underlying problem is often a matter of resources.

Lower inequality means:

  • Better health, reduced obesity
  • Less crime, less violence
  • Better educational outcomes
  • Better economic performance for all, not just a few

Correlation is not causation, but working toward a better life for Americans, while reducing inequality, can keep America strong.

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