Monday, December 06, 2010

Not Crass, Class (A Response)

A response to Paul Krugman's Not Crass, Class

Regarding the narrowing of focus:
  • Unemployment doesn't matter, because no one we know is unemployed, and we aren't blue collar males
  • Police abuse don't matter, because we aren't black or hispanic
  • Profiling is perfectly acceptable, because none of us is black or muslim
  • Poverty doesn't matter, because, well, you know....
The list is endless, and this problem extends to most everyone's perceptions, but it is particularly important because the policy decisions affecting millions are made by people who have little awareness of problems of the less powerful, or of the problems they cause by warped policy decisions.

In retrospect I could have kept going, including one of the larger sets of underclass, women and children, particularly women of color, single moms, and their children.

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