Saturday, January 08, 2011

NYT's Taking Aim at Public Workers

A response to the NYT's Taking Aim at Public Workers

Income inequality is a large part of why American's are worse off when compared to the rest of the developed world (read the The Spirit Level), and that is largely driven by low taxes on wealth and low unionism. Although not entirely a solution, a unionized workforce would fare much better, but it seems the attack on public sector employees is a ploy to drive the wedge down deeper, to divide the less affluent from their money. In a short-sghted way it would reduce costs, but then again, only by beggaring thy neighbor. We would still have the same problems as before, or large deficits, gross income inequality, poorer healthcare, lower educational attainment, and a generally less good quality of life. Rather than reducing public sector employees, we should be trying to increase unionism and decrease income inequality.

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