Sunday, January 29, 2006

Three Scenarios of the Future

About two years ago, in 2003, The Brian Lehrer show asked listeners to send in three scenarios for the future, and I, along with many others, e-mailed Brian's show with our predictions. Although I hate to admit to having been wrong, it's obvious that my negative, dystopian vision is the scenario that triumphed. In my defense, the style that it was written in is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and that it expresses more optimism than an actual prediction.


The US population realizes that the Republican agenda only serves the wealthy and connected, so everyone votes for the Greens. We become a humane and educated civilization, focused on ridding the US of its evils, as well as working toward a more equitable society for all.


The Republican agenda becomes deeply ingrained, and besides US conquest of the world, the Bush administration formally implements a special incentive for economic growth - no taxes for the wealthy - amnesty for any CEO convicted of a crime, and classification as treasonous any criticism of the present administration.


The US population realizes the folly of the Republican agenda, its militarism and money-serving ideology, and proceeds to bypass major media and moneyed interests, to replace the Republican agenda with one more equitable and productive.

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