Monday, March 17, 2008

Drug Use, Incarceration, and Rehabilitation

Years ago I read of a group of scientists testifying before Congress on the effectiveness of rehabilitation over other drug measures, and I did believe that it would be more effective to reduce the problem, rather than through quasi-military measures and imprisonment. I had mostly forgotten about such issues - I am against the incarceration society the US has become, not only because of the absurdity of the harsh penalties for drug use, but because of the punitive system the US has in place - until I read something in Noam Chomsky's Propaganda and the Public Mind, where Noam stated that a Rand study had found the drug rehab was 10 to 20 times more effective than various other measures. I wondered if he were exaggerating, so I did some quick research and found that yes, drug rehab is incredibly more effective than any form of government intervention.

One wonders how many lives have been ruined because of insane drug policies, and how much longer this can go on.
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