Saturday, November 10, 2012

Republican Intellectual Blinders

A comment I posted in Krugman's post, Delusions of Reason:

Similarly, Republicans often project their flaws onto Democrats:

  • Obama is a Nazi: It is almost insanely obvious who the real fascists are. Oh right, he wants to steal their money...
  • Democratic policies will destroy the economy: A slew of recent data-oriented publications show the opposite, although one claims that it does not matter. Oddly, no publication claimed Republicans are better for the economy or for the stock market.
  • Liberal policies will destroy the country: Studies typically show an inverse correlation between religiosity and inequality with social welfare.
  • Democrats will take away our freedom: The freedom of money is such an import human right, along with freedom for guns and SUV's, but not the freedom from want, to have a one's health, etc. 

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