Monday, July 28, 2014

On the Upper West Side, a House Divided by Income (Redux)

Another response to a NYT article that harkens back to racist sentiments, only this time applied to the poor:

Looking over the posts, there are several consistent themes, some of which I agree with, some I abhor, and the latter are the ones I sometimes acknowledge but try and see past...

The ones I express or agree with are typically equating this to racism and abhorrent, if only because our society has become so grossly unequal. The ones that I abhor are the ones that simply assume that market reasoning is sufficient to justify treating people as second class citizens. This is aligned with the ones that question the wisdom of this subsidized or middle-income arrangements in the first place, and for this I would try to see past, acknowledging that the housing situation is itself somewhat absurd.

So what is an ideal housing administration like?

- One that actively creates affordable housing in prime areas?
- Use more of the pre-gentrified areas for mixed affordability?
- One that to some degree forces mixed housing?
- Does it remove the absurd tax breaks that wealthy enclaves receive?

Personally, I think large affordable housing areas would be great, with less leeway given to the real estate industry. Making the wealthy pay a larger share of the costs of their new homes would be wise, since the tax breaks make housing for the wealthy desirable, along with equally large tax breaks for affordable housing.
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