Friday, December 23, 2016

Populism, Real and Phony - The New York Times

Another comment was noted as a NYT Pick, this one in a Krugman comment thread, Populism, Real and Phony - The New York Times
A recent article implied that liberals weren't accepting populism, and of course we aren't, at least the US variant. In Europe there are different populist movements, left and right, although underlying the hostility of the fringe might be economics issues, the the left looks to be against austerity while the right tends to be proto-fascist. In the US, there only seems to be an authoritarian right. Obviously we are not incorporating the fascism of the right, and would only be willing to deal with the underlying human welfare concerns, not directly support the racist, xenophobic, militaristic, and sexist policies those groups express.
Another post of mine in the same comment section was somewhat more popular, although not noted as a NYT Pick, in response to someone writing that we shouldn't imitate Republican obstructionism:
The agendas are entirely different. I can in no way say the the Republican agenda is humanitarian, and in fact see it as regressive, plutocratic and fascist, while the Democratic agenda - certainly not perfect - is progressively humanitarian. We have good reason to obstruct the inhumanity that will flow from Republican control.
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